Martina McBride and her husband John have been married for almost 25 years, and they spread their three kids out. The oldest Delaney, born in 1994, and the middle daughter, Emma (1998), joined McBride at the CMA Awards in Nashville in 2010.

Ava Rose is the youngest (2005), and she'll no doubt get her time to shine on the red carpet someday. It was Delaney that inspired McBride's 2011 song 'Teenage Daughters,' as she was just getting to the age of boys and cars when it became time for the singer to begin working on new material. "I was just saying how one minute you are everything to them .. and the next minute it's just a whole different thing," she tells Country Weekly. All of McBride's little girls appear in the music video for 'Teenage Daughters.'

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