Matt Gary's new single is called "Back," but it's the most forward-thinking of the singer's small catalog of radio releases. A progressive pop-country beat powers his story of lost love.

The rhythmic, syncopated melody that drives "Back" stands out before his lyrics. The instrumentation is short of organic. Gary amped up his message with studio effects and liberal use of electronic instruments. Thematically he ties the song to the format. Like any great tear-in-my-beer song, he's sincere in his delivery.

"Back" is built for the 21st century, and one can't help but marvel at his phrasing and creative use of the title in this rocker.

Did You Know?: Gary's previous single "It's On You" was a song that empowered women. He says the key to maintaining an independent career is staying true to who you are.

Listen to Matt Gary, "Back"

Matty Gary, "Back" Lyrics:

Back, sitting in a downtown bar in the neon light, just throwing 'em / Back, you walk in with a couple girlfriends, take a corner booth in the / Back, I can feel you there, stealing the air from the room, I don't wanna look / Back, when the song comes on, the same ol' one that always takes me / Back, when I was the one who wanted, not the one who wants you ...

Back in my arms, burning the dark / Back on our backs in the bed of my truck, counting the stars till the sun comes up / Back in that love, back how we was when you were mine / Tell me what I gotta do, I'll do anything to get you back.

Back, sitting here drinking and thinking about all the words that I can't take / Back, damn I wish I could get your loving me memory off my / Back, up against you with the living room wall behind your / Back, and I kissed you girl, I missed you girl and the way you kissed me / Back, when I was the one who wanted, not the one who wants you ...

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