It's a little slower, a little more organic and much more vulnerable. This live studio footage of Matt Gary singing his single "It's on You" finds the singer living through every emotion of the up-tempo love song.

"It's been cool to see so many people reacting to this song the way they are. I wanted to release a more stripped back, chill version," he tells Taste of Country. "It allows the song to really stand on its own"

Gary's latest is the first taste of an upcoming album he co-produced. Expect it later in 2016, he says. Gary is still a new face for many in country music, but the independent artist has been working at his dream for over five years. He says he looks forward to an upcoming tour of radio stations and the chance to share this unique love song with fans.

At the 2016 ACM Awards, Gary talked about what it takes to be a successful independent artist, and admitted that watching artists like Chris Janson and LoCash find success in 2015 empowered him to keep after it. "It shows the doors are opening," he says. "Radio is opening up to, 'Okay it doesn't have to be a major label.' There's great music coming from indie acts."

Find Gary on his preferred social media, Instagram. He also recently started SnapChatting, which means fans can get even more intimate with him on a regular basis. All of his socials are @MattGaryMusic.

Matt Gary Talks About "It's on You" 

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