Singer Meghan Linsey says she woke up recently with a stinging sensation in her face and a dead brown recluse spider in her hand. Over the next week, she experienced terrible swelling and nerve pain and is just now opening up to fans on social media.

The Season 8 finalist on The Voice shares she experienced excruciating nerve pain in her face, muscle spasms, full body rash and extreme swelling in the days since the Feb. 12 bite, which was later confirmed to be from a brown recluse. "This scenario is literally on the top of my nightmare list," she writes. Below are photos shared from Linsey's Instagram account:

While she's not totally in the clear yet, the former Steel Magnolia singer says the right medication is easing the nerve pain. She expects to recover completely and resume work on a new studio album this week. She's released two EPs since her time on the NBC reality show ended; however, she has not focused on country music, instead leaning into pop.

Prior to The Voice, she released one full-length album and one EP as part of Steel Magnolia. The group's biggest hit was "Keep on Loving You," a Top 5 hit that peaked in 2010. Linsey and duo partner Joshua Scott Jones split personally and professionally in 2013.

On Wednesday morning (Feb. 22) Linsey shared that she would not need plastic surgery and that any scarring would be minimal.

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