Miranda Lambert isn't even 30-years-old, but she is already the subject of her own VH1 'Behind the Music' special, and you know what? This hell-raising, rough-around-the-edges country gal deserves the accolade. She has accomplished a lot before the big 3-0, which she will turn in just over two years.

While most of these specials are high on drama and rich with scandal and fueds, Lambert's is a celebration of her brief career so far, especially her image as a meat eating, gun slinging, deer hunting pistol of a gal who inspires women with her boldness, female outlaw persona and gritty, tough songs. Despite her rebel persona, the story is an uplifting one.

The first half of her 'Behind the Music' episode centers on the Lamberts living off the land, where Lambert and her brother ate what they killed and learned to have a kinship with animals. It also goes into a bit of detail about how her parents lost their P.I. business in the blink of an eye, forcing Lambert to grow up poor. The Lamberts lost two houses, two cars and large amounts of cash overnight. They were virtually homeless, and her father Rick Lambert contemplated suicide.

Things rebounded with the business, with her parents also running a faith-based ministry providing room and board for battered women, whom Lambert also shared her room with. She recounts 2AM wake up calls and having to make room for a woman with a baby and two black eyes, experiences which fueled her music.

As a musician, Lambert paid her dues playing Texas honky-tonks, wearing boots and wife beaters for the first few years of her career. Then she placed third (out of 8,000) on 'Nashville Star' and told her label that she refused to make sterile, pop country records while wearing halter tops.

Fellow country stars give Lambert props, such as Kenny Chesney, who says, "She has a good way of telling the truth." But Loretta Lynn goes even further, saying, "As long as Miranda's singing, country music's gonna be great." There's no greater endorsement than that.

Of course the second half of the special zeroes in on her relationship with Blake Shelton, who was already married when he met Lambert, a fact which many of the couple's fans may not have known. They "fell right into a conversation that was way too comfortable" upon meeting. There was instant chemistry, even though Shelton rocked a mullet that had us asking "What was he thinking? Oh wait, he wasn't!" Even the famously funny Shelton probably makes fun of himself for that follicular folly.

Nevertheless, sparks flew during a duet, and they literally fell in love on stage while performing the song 'You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma.' Despite the mutual attraction, her Christian upbringing and his marital status made being together something they had to wait for, and it was hardly a fairytale. Ultimately, she wasn't the reason that marriage didn't work out, but she's married to Shelton today.

Thanks to the path Lambert is on today, we foresee a 'Behind the Music, Part 2' in her blindingly bright future.

Watch a Clip From Miranda Lambert's 'Behind the Music'