If you saw Blake Shelton hanging out with Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show' this week, you might have raised an eyebrow at the 'Over' singer's flirtatious comments toward movie star Scarlett Johansson. Innocent as they were, Shelton's flirty antics beg the question, "What would Miranda Lambert think of this?" The country star's wife of nearly a year took to Twitter to assure her fans that she's not worried about her man.

After tweeting that she was watching her hubby on 'The Tonight Show,' Lambert followed up to comment on his obvious flirting attempt with the 27-year-old actress.

"So my husband is plainly flirting with Scarlet on Jay Leno. I would too:) She is so amazingly cool and beautiful," Lambert shared, adding, "He clearly had good taste!"

Mrs. Shelton knows that her husband is a fan of the ladies, and Wednesday night wasn't the first time that Shelton has made public comments about finding other women attractive. At the 2011 CMA awards, the 'Honeybee' hitmaker admitted that he couldn't stop looking at Carrie Underwood's legs -- and that they should win a CMA of their own.

If Lambert is worried about Shelton's playful comments, she hasn't given any indication to the media. And why should she be? The firecracker songstress has had several platinum albums on the shelves, as well as chart-topping singles like 'The House That Built Me' and 'Over You.' Plus, her one-year anniversary to country's hottest man is coming up soon -- on May 14 -- and Shelton told Jay Leno that he's taking an entire day off just to celebrate with her.

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