Miranda Lambert may be one of the biggest superstars on the planet, but that doesn't mean she always needs a fancy $13 cocktail. Lambert's drink of choice? A stupidly simple vodka drink -- it's her signature cocktail while on the road! Get Lambert's Randarita recipe here!

The Randarita (Randa for Miranda ... get it?!) is a staple on Lambert's Platinum Tour, and the singer says that the fact that it's made with sugar-free Crystal Light makes it a win-win option for a pre-show drink.

“My trainer, Bill, approves. I mean, he’d rather me not drink, but that’s not an option,” says Lambert about the low-calorie Randarita recipe. “I have one before a show and a half during. Later, if I want to throw down, I throw down!”

Lucky for fans -- if you're 21, that is -- this drink is super easy to make. Check out the Randarita recipe below!

Miranda Lambert's Randarita Cocktail Recipe

1 shot (1 oz.) vodka
1 bottle (16 oz.) water
1 pkt Crystal Light on the Go Raspberry Lemonade Mix
1 splash diet carbonated lemon-lime soda

Randarita Mixing Directions:
In a 12-oz. glass, add ice and vodka. Take the bottle of water and add 1 packet of Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade and shake it up to mix. Pour half of the Crystal Light into the glass, leaving 1-inch of space. Add a splash of soda and a straw!

Crystal Light is sponsoring Lambert's 30-city Platinum Tour.

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