Not long ago, Miranda Lambert assured fans that she and hubby Blake Shelton aren't planning to have any babies in the near future. This week, the reason why becomes apparent: The 'Over You' singer just can't stop welcoming furry friends into the couples' home long enough to focus on anything else.

The most recent addition to Lambert and Shelton's family is an adorable black and white mutt that was found wandering on the side of the road.

The singer shared the news with her fans via Twitter, and judging by the country gal's tweets, she already came up with a nickname for the lost pup. "And I Found this on the side of the road this morning," she shared, adding, "Dah-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman! (The theme song )."

The latest stray is one of many dogs that has been lucky enough to live in the Shelton/Lambert household, at least for a little while. When asked via Twitter whether or not Batman has found a new home under her roof, Lambert replied, "it's being discussed" with a smiley face at the end -- a sure sign that she's on her way to convincing Mr. Shelton.

Unfortunately, two of the couples' dogs left them this year, as a big brown dog named Virginia went missing, and Lambert's long-time pet, Dixie, passed away at age 20. Perhaps the new addition will help heal the hurt from pets past.

Of course, dogs aren't the only soft spot in this songstress' heart -- she likes all things furry. Late last year, she took in a stray kitten and treated it like royalty, buying Fancy Feast for the white kitty's Saturday night meal.

Although plenty of her Twitter followers have offered to take in this adorable black and white dog, it sounds like Lambert needs a new pup to love. We're happy that this sweet stray found the perfect home -- for now, anyway.

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