Heartbreak sounds like something you’d like to try during the darkest moments of Morgan MylesMiss Morgan Myles EP. This dramatic collection of six songs relies on the singer’s dynamic voice, vivid lyrics, and about 20 minutes of raw emotion to impress you.

When Myles sings, you can’t help but build a music video in your mind. During “Queen of Hearts” it could be a smokey film-noir flick set in a big city alley. “Adeline” fills a screen with blood-red and jet-black images of revenge.

Conversely, “Nobody Better Than You” is sunrise on the coast with bed sheets and the wind whipping between two lovers. “Nobody’s ever made me feel wanted like this / I know I’m not perfect but you say every curve is working / The way you run my hands through my hair just takes me away / As you whisper in my ear, saying everything I wanna hear,” she sings during the second verse of the sexiest song on a very sensual EP.

Here, and to a lesser extent on “What You Do to Me,” Myles is vulnerable. That runs counter to the strength she brings to the album’s first four songs, including her single, "Whiskey Dreaming." Her big soulful voice tugs and pushes, demanding you pay attention until she’s finished.

Such confidence from a “newcomer” is rare, but Taste of Country's No. 6 Artist to Watch proves she had plenty of time to figure out who she is before cutting Miss Morgan Myles.

Key Tracks: "Whiskey Dreaming," "Adeline," "Nobody Better Than You"

Did You Know?: The first song Myles heard that convinced her country music was her home was Sheryl Crow's cover of "The First Cut Is the Deepest."

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