A beloved rescue cat named Whiskas was reunited with her owner after going missing for 10 years.

Linda Ellerton, who lives in the UK, rescued Whiskas and took care of the sweet cat for 6 years until the kitty suddenly disappeared one day.

The rescuer had lost hope of ever seeing Whiskas and adopted a dog in the meantime. More than a decade later a local resident had found the precious kitty taking shelter in her shed and took her to get the care that she needed.

The feline had an old RSPCA microchip that was discovered by the local vet. Apparently, the RSPCA put out a call online, which got Ellerton's attention and Linda was able to reach out to save her pet once again.

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According to Good News Hub, Ellerton emotionally stated, “When I saw the RSPCA Facebook post I thought it can’t possibly be Whiskas after all these years."Ellerton added, “I thought the photos looked like her, but it had been so long and we’d never thought we’d see her again.

The RSPCA director said, “It was pleasing that we were able to reunite Linda with Whiskas after all these years. She had a cuddle with her and it was very emotional to see.”

Through Whiskas'challenging journey, the cat, now 16 years old, had developed a kidney infection after likely spending years living on the streets.

Ellerton's brother was kind enough to step in to take of the cat so she can still be a part of the sweet cat's life.

“She is 16 and I’ve now got a dog, so it would be difficult for a cat her age to live with me, but my brother, David, was only too happy to take her and keep her in the family,” Ellerton shared.

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