During “Boy & a Girl Thing,” Mo Pitney continues to recall a country generation most think has passed on. He does it effortlessly, with just a few chords, an honest sound and a smile as big as his home state of Illinois.

You can actually hear him smiling as he tells this circle-of-life love story. Credit Pitney for working cooties into a legitimate country song. Some may find his innocent tale a touch cloying, but even those hard hearts will concede there’s a proper time and place for his sound.

“He’s gross, she’s got cooties / That’s just how it’s supposed to be / He hates dumb tea parties and she won’t climb a tree / It’s a boy and a girl thing / A girl and a boy thing,” Pitney sings after a guitar intro reminiscent of Don Williams’ “I Believe In Love.”

Don Sampson helped Pitney write the song, and Billy Lawson produced it, although the secret to “Boy & a Girl Thing” is giving the young singer room to breathe.

“She’ll start wearing makeup and he’ll start noticing the curves / They’ll get a little nervous when she’s with him and he’s with her,” Pitney sings during the first chorus. That’s about as spicy as this Midwestern tamale gets.

“Is he gonna kiss me, wonder if she wants me to / Awkwardly embarrassed, not sure what to do / It’s a boy and a girl thing, a girl and a boy thing.”

Look for "Boy & a Girl Thing" on Pitney's debut album, released date TBA.

Why Fans Will Love It: Pitney's smooth country voice makes this innocent love story sizzle, just a little.

Key Lyrics: "They’ll fight and act like children and make up like they’re 17 / And even when they’re 80, it’s still gonna be / A boy and a girl thing, a girl and a boy thing."

Did You Know?: Pitney started singing early, but originally he played drums. At age 12 he picked up guitar.

Listen to Mo Pitney’s “Boy & a Girl Thing”

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