Country singer Mo Pitney’s holiday is already off to an amazing start, thanks to the news that he will soon be a daddy of two!

Pitney and his wife, Emily, recently shared that they're expecting their second child exclusively with Taste of Country, just over two months after spilling the baby beans to a select group of family and friends in October.

“We are building a new home, and we had our whole family over two days after the drywall was put up for a little celebration,” recalls Pitney, whose wife is due to deliver their baby on July 9. “That was the same day Emily took the pregnancy test, and that was the same day we ended up telling everyone.”

Granted, having another little one has been on the couple’s mind for a while now.

“We had gone back and forth for awhile, talking about how we were brought up with our siblings. I wanted to have the baby a little bit sooner but we waited a bit," he says with a laugh. "We did it the right way. Our hearts decided.”

And while the longtime lovebirds are certainly excited about their upcoming bundle of joy, no one is as excited as their almost three-year-old daughter, Evelyne Nadine.

“She already loves the baby,” Pitney remarks. “She wakes up every morning and says, ‘Hi, this is your big sister. We are going to be together forever.’ It’s so sweet.”

Pitney has even been able to feel the new baby already.

“We felt the baby very early on,” says Pitney, who will join his wife in finding out the sex of their baby in the coming weeks. “They say you can feel the baby at 13 weeks, but at about 10 or 11 weeks, the sun was coming up and we were up really early, and I closed my eyes and put my hands on Emily’s stomach and for 12 or 13 seconds, it was moving quite a bit.”

Emily is feeling fairly good these days, but that wasn’t necessarily the case early on in her pregnancy.

“She felt pretty bad the first trimester,” recalls Pitney, who says he plans to release new music in 2020. “She would feel bad in the morning and then again when the sun went down. As of right now, the sickness has seemed to go away.”

The couple are trying their best to forget the rough delivery that they ended up having with their first daughter, when Emily was forced to undergo an emergency C-section due to a prolapsed umbilical cord.

“I would say this go around, I don’t really have too many anxieties ,” says Pitney, who released his debut album in 2016. “We have a great doctor in Nashville and we are definitely hoping for a natural birth this time around.”

They have faith that everything will turn out right, and it's that faith that they look forward to sharing with their children for years to come.

“Faith is big for us,” concludes Pitney. “Our children are going to learn from what they see and not what they hear, so it’s important what they pick up from our own convictions, from what we read before bed and what we talk about and what we pray about. We want them to look to Jesus for everything.”

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