The wait is over for a full sampling of music from Mo Pitney. The traditional newcomer will release his much anticipated debut album Behind This Guitar this fall.

The singer wrote 10 of the 12 tracks that appear on the album. Fans anxious for new music can pre-order the album on iTunes and receive three songs instantly, including “Country,” “Everywhere” and “Boy & a Girl Thing.”

In an interview with Country Weekly last year, Pitney was optimistic about his career.

“Things are definitely happening for me,” he told the magazine, “But I don’t think I ever tried to plan what my career would look like. It’s not about praise or even having No. 1 songs. My goal is always to play music and make a living doing that. I have put most of my energy into treating people right and staying true to myself and my faith.”

Things have been going well for Pitney this year, who married longtime girlfriend Emily in March. The couple wed in Illinois, at a church in Carbondale, Emily’s hometown. The country singer says he fell for her the moment he met her as a teenager at a bluegrass festival, but it took her a while to fall for him. After constantly running into each other at events, the two became fast friends, and two years ago that friendship turned into something more, where the couple would talk every night and make three-hour trips to visit one another.

Behind This Guitar is due out on Oct. 7.

Mo Pitney's Behind This Guitar Track Listing:

1. “Country”
2. “Clean Up on Aisle Five”
3. “Come Do a Little Life”
4. “It’s Just a Dog”
5. “Everywhere”
6. “Boy & a Girl Thing”
7. “I Met Merle Haggard Today”
8. “Take the Chance”
9. “When I’m With You”
10. “Love Her Like I Lost Her”
11. “Behind This Guitar”
12. “Give Me Jesus”

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