Montgomery Gentry shared a new song called "Better Me" with select radio stations and satellite radio on Wednesday. The mid-tempo, tearjerking song finds singer Troy Gentry singing about wanting to turn a corner, away from his wilder days.

"I've turned the page on wilder days / I'm writing all this down / Hopin' you'll see / I ain't sayin' I'm perfect, But i'm workin' on a better me," a humbled Gentry sings.

Montgomery Gentry had finished a new album for Average Joes Entertainment and had planned to release it in 2018 prior to Gentry's Sept. 8 death in a helicopter crash. It's not clear if that plan has changed. SiriusXM's the Highway was one outlet that played the song, so did the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show. A note at the satellite broadcaster's Facebook page says the song will be released wide digitally on Friday (Sept. 15).

A bright bridge to "Better Me" offers hope: "I didn't wanna call you up / Didn't wanna just stop by / Wanted to take my time and make sure i got every word right." 

Several fans immediately tweeted about "Better Me," expressing how much it meant as fans, friends and family prepare to say goodbye to Gentry on Thursday. A public celebration of life with be live-streamed from the Grand Ole Opry at 11AM CT.

An ongoing investigation is trying to pinpoint why the helicopter Gentry was a passenger in crashed. Preliminary findings indicate the pilot was having trouble controlling the throttle. The copter crashed just off a runway in Medford, N.J. Montgomery Gentry were scheduled to play a show nearby that night.

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