Stream Muscadine Bloodline's new Movin' On EP for songs like the hooky title track, but come back for tracks like "Can't Tell You No," a patient love-me-forever song that reveals the duo as so much more than rowdy outlaws.

Sure, there is that, too. "Gravel" is an appropriate title for the opening lick, which is a stomping country ballad that introduces a pair of rough boys who are down on love. The Mobile, Ala., natives are barroom favorites, and it's easy to see why. They bring a no-nonsense approach to country music a la Luke Combs, or if you want to reach way back, Toby Keith. "You on Me" is an honest '90s tribute that's made original with vocal patterns reminiscent of Texas country singers like Josh Abbott. Charlie Muncaster falls off phrases at times, adding a seed of melancholy at unexpected points in the song.

Vocally the duo might not stand out if it weren't for Gary Stanton, however. His harmonies support Muncaster as he reaches for high notes on "Can't Tell You No" — literally, he helps his friend and bandmate reveal his heart. This song is his most important contribution, but in every chorus he's there, adding depth and conviction to their at-times swampy stories.

Movin-On Muscadine Bloodline
Courtesy of Muscadine Bloodline

"Movin' On" closes this EP, and without a doubt it's the finest song on Muscadine Bloodline's coming out project. It's a made-for-radio jam with grit and emotion that recalls old school Dierks Bentley and (with an effortless guitar solo) new school Brothers Osborne. As much as an EP is for the fans, one can't help but wonder if Muncaster and Stanton are preparing a resume of sorts. It's easy to imagine them moving on from the world of independent art at some point in 2018 or soon after.

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