Muscadine Bloodline prove two men can harmonize without sounding like a couple of pop-raised sissies. "Movin' On" is the Alabama duo's new song and it's a rolling, muscular country-rock track about getting over a lover.

Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster layer vocals throughout this tightly packaged, melancholy heartache. Cary Barlowe helped them write the chorus the song depends on, but as much as the lyrics, the arrangement deserves credit for making this a great introduction to the men. Crying steel and untethered electric guitar drives home the pensive mood of the song as much as the lead vocalist's hopeful refrain.

This is an independent act to watch closely in 2018, as they've already checked many of the boxes and indie artist needs to check to reach the next level audience. Streaming success and a dogged touring schedule are as much their future as past. Look for Muscadine Bloodline on the road with Whiskey Myers through mid-March.

Did You Know?: Muscadine Bloodline's new EP Movin' On will be released in April.

Muscadine Bloodline's "Movin' On" Lyrics:

If you can walk in the door of that bar / And not wonder where they are / If you can run in to one of their friends / Without asking how they've been.

The memories all over that town / Finally ain't tearing you down.

No more drinking alone, staring at that phone / Drive by their house and don't care if they're home / One day you wake up, the hurt ain't as strong / Maybe, maybe, maybe you're just moving on.

If it's true the sound of their name / Doesn't faze you or shake you up / And if it's true the side of the bed / Where they slept ain't as cold / Baby, you're getting over them.

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