Neal McCoy's new single, 'A New Mountain to Climb,' demonstrates his quest for new adventures to overcome -- a true-to-life 'little engine that could' story.

'A New Mountain to Climb' accentuates McCoy's deep voice -- but most of all his desire to persevere, especially in this line:

"When odds are stacking up against me / No, I won't close my eyes / Tremble and hide / There's a steep road ahead / But that's when I'm at my best / Just give me a new mountain to climb / Just tell me you don't think I can do it / And I'll fool you every time"

This inspiring new single doesn't carry an ounce of doubt, as the 'Wink' singer makes it clear that he's not afraid to, well, climb new mountains! And although McCoy already has three platinum albums and five No. 1 singles under his belt buckle, 'A New Mountain to Climb' shows that he's forever ready for the next challenge.

Listen to Neal McCoy, 'A New Mountain to Climb'