If only we could all handle grief as well as Neal McCoy. The singer shared news of his mother's death on Tuesday, but his heart hardly seemed heavy.

With a smile on his face and typical McCoy exuberance he talked about his mom, Virginia, during his daily Facebook Live video. The entire family was around to say goodbye on Monday night (Feb. 19) at about 9:50PM.

“It was a wonderful night," McCoy says after letting fans know Virginia had moved on to a better place. “I was so happy that I was there and I could be there for the last two weeks.”

Virginia McGaughey McCoy is the reason Neal McCoy is so emphatically patriotic today. The Filipino immigrant is responsible for it, he told his audience before his daily Pledge of Allegiance.

“She told us as young kids to be grateful for where you live, because no other country is quite like the one you get to live in," he says.

In addition to a daily pledge of his allegiance, McCoy has been outspoken about anyone who kneels during the National Anthem. Last year he released a song called "Take a Knee ... My Ass!" and told Taste of Country it was his way of responding to players like quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

"I think the NFL commissioner should have stepped in in some way and talked to Colin and said ‘Hey, look man — this is not right. Maybe I can find another way to help you get your point across. Let’s talk about this, but let’s don’t do it again,’" McCoy said. "I don’t know that (NFL commissioner Roger Goodell) did his part in trying to nip it in the bud."

McCoy's father, Hubert Neal "Pete" McGaughey, died in March 2017, and afterward the singer offered the same endlessly positive comments and expressions of gratitude. His stepfather, Don McCoy, died in August 2015. Virginia McCoy's obituary says that her song Neal will be one of the pallbearers for her Feb. 22 funeral.

Virginia McCoy's cause of death and age were not listed or mentioned on his Facebook page.

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