Neal McCoy will be performing in front of a special crowd next year, as he has been personally asked by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to sing at their wedding reception.

"[Blake and Miranda] were kind of blown away by the spontaneity and goofiness of my show, I guess," McCoy, who shared the stage with Shelton last summer for the annual Oregon Jamboree, tells Country Weekly. "So they asked me to play their wedding reception. They wanted to pay me, and I told them, 'Of course you don’t have to pay me, that’ll be an honor, and I’m sure it’ll be a who’s who kind of thing.'"

Goofiness is also second nature for Shelton, who always seems to crack jokes whenever possible: on stage, in interviews, and even on Twitter. McCoy, a good friend of Shelton's, adds, "[Blake] reminds me of myself, in fact! He’s a little goofy -- he’s a lot goofy -- and he’s funny, and he just says what he says, you know."

Shelton also has nothing but kind words for McCoy. "If there was any justice in this business, and I mean this, Neal McCoy would be Entertainer of the Year, every year," Shelton tells On the Road: Weekly. "I mean I stood out there and watched him for as long as I could yesterday. He's brilliant. He gets people that would normally make for a sucky audience, and he gets them up on their feet, clapping and having a good time. I learn from him every time I see him."

Neal -- who has over 25 charted singles under his belt -- will continue to tour next year, hitting various fair and festival events. His book 'A New Mountain to Climb,' inspired by his latest single of the same name, is expected in stores next month.

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