Neal McCoy's first album after releasing a greatest hits collection in June 1997 was praised for being smooth and easy to listen to, but at least one reviewer hoped McCoy would have been more adventurous. The singer unleashed 'Be Good at It' 15 years ago today (Oct. 28). 

Singles included 'If You Can't Be Good (Be Good at It),' 'Party On,' 'Love Happens Like That' and 'The Shake,' although 'The Shake' was technically a release from the 'Greatest Hits' album, as McCoy put it on both projects. That song would be the last Top 5 song of his career. The quasi-title track approached the Top 20, but the two others weren't as successful.

McCoy has yet to reach the level of success he enjoyed with the five albums released prior to 'Be Good at It.' Part of the reason could be that he never took a break during his run of success in the early '90s. The singer released new studio albums in four straight years, the biggest being 'No Doubt About It' in 1994. If you're looking for an entry point into the singer's catalog, that might be a better place to begin than this one.

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