Season 13 of 'American Idol,' which premieres in January of 2014, is already off to a running start in the audition phase. It appears as though it's going to be a fun and hilarious season, given the already palpable chemistry between returning judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez and new judge Harry Connick, Jr.

As the latter claims, expect the unexpected from this lighthearted threesome.

They are getting back to basics on the judging panel and are doing so with humor, as opposed to all of the catfighting that defined Season 12. In outtakes from an interview in Boston, Mass., Urban, with his Australian accent, unintentionally got a little dirty with his humor.

"It's a great trio," Urban said about the three judges. "Harry's the pianist." (The word pianist, of course, was mistaken for a similar word.)

Urban gush about the panel, furthering, "It's a very good one. Is it a grand or a baby grand?" Even Lopez covered her face over Urban's colorful comment.

Indeed, we will expect the unexpected all season long when Urban, Lopez and Connick, Jr. take over the boob tube and find their way into living rooms this January.