Niko Moon and his wife Anna have officially welcomed their first child into the world. The singer revealed on social media Tuesday (Nov. 15) that their daughter, Lily Anne Moon, has arrived.

Moon shared the news by posting a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter in the hospital.

"Lily Anne Moon is here y’all!" he writes in the caption.

The comments are filled with congratulatory remarks from fans and fellow singers, including from Drake White, Kylie Morgan and Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne.

The musician couple have not yet shared details about their daughter's birth, but Moon did record a video message on his Instagram Story in which he thanked fans for their support and said mom and baby are both doing great.

"Thank you so much for the love on Lily, y'all," he says in the video clip. "It's been overwhelming. The amount of comments and texts that we've been getting, thank you so much everybody. We love y'all. We're so happy. She's healthy, Anna's healthy, life is beautiful. I love y'all, and I'll see y'all soon."

Anna also shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram Story, describing the love she feels for her daughter and the life-changing experience of welcoming her into the world. She also says she's looking forward to sharing more details about the experience, and she gave credit to "super dad" Moon.

"I can't even begin to describe the love I feel for this little baby!!" she writes. "From the moment I saw her my life has been completely changed. I can't believe I get to be this girl's mommy, y'all! Still feels surreal! Shout out to my entire delivery and recovery team for making this whole experience so special. I can't wait to share more of my experience!! For now I'm in a DREAM!"

"Oh and side note: @nikomoon is literally super dad," she adds. "This girl has him HOOKED!!"

Instagram, Anna Moon
Instagram, Anna Moon

Moon also shared a video that shows him jumping head first into parenthood. In the clip, he is seen changing Lily's diaper for the first time, and when he turns around, he is wearing a full gas mask.

"I can't deal with the poop," he says with a laugh.

The Moons first announced their pregnancy in August with People. At the time, the couple shared that they became pregnant via in-vitro fertilization after having a hard time conceiving.

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