Pat Green is all too familiar with his job taking him on the road and away from his family, so he knows how to relate to all the other men and women who face the same situation. To pay tribute to these parents, the Texas-native singer has released the touching "While I Was Away" video, which recognizes varieties of careers that keep parents on the road and away from their children.

While Green sings, the video flashes various professions and on average how many days a year they are called from home: truck drivers, 281 days, flight attendants, 209 days and military, 270 days are just a few of the examples used. The clip really puts into perspective how much these people are sacrificing, and how fortunate those who stay in one place to work are: For every day I'm on the go, I'm praying that you know your daddy cares. 

"This video is special because it reminds us that everyone has a common bond: love for our children ... as well as the feeling that our 'kids being kids' goes by way too fast," Green says in a People interview.

He realized that the song was special when fans kept thanking him for the tribute after live shows. That's when he realized that the music needed a special video to accompany it. "This song is personal for anyone that has kids," Green explains. "To tell the truth, I got misty thinking of my kids when I first heard it."

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