Aspiring country singer Paul Jolley sang for his life on 'American Idol' on Thursday night (March 21), after landing in the bottom three following his performance on Wednesday night. But his rendition of Heart's 'Alone' was not enough to convince the judges to use their one save of the season to keep him in the competition.

Jolley was an early favorite, but he has consistently struggled in recent weeks with a propensity to sing in a theatrical manner that is at odds with his goal of becoming a country singer. On Wednesday night he threw away all of the judges' advice and delivered a dramatic, moody version of the Beatles classic 'Eleanor Rigby' that played directly to his dramatic strengths, earning a round of applause from the studio audience and a scathing critique from the judges.

Evidently the voters at home agreed with the judges. Jolley received the least votes after all was tallied, meaning he had one final chance to save himself. But after his last-ditch performance, the judges were not unified in saving him, choosing instead to send him home.

Although Jolley was undertstandably disappointed, he won't be going home empty-handed. Not only will he participate in the 'American Idol' summer tour, his hometown of Dresden, Tenn. has proclaimed Paul Jolley Day.