Newsflash: Blake Shelton is darn sexy! Officially, too -- the country singer was named one of the sexiest men alive in 2014 by People magazine.

People's annual Sexiest Men Alive list was revealed this week, with country's own Shelton among the hot, hot hungs. Although Luke Bryan was named this year's sexiest man in country music, he didn't quite make the cut on the overall list.

Actor Chris Hemsworth has been declared the sexiest man of them all, besting Chris Pratt, Tim Tebow, Eddie Redmayne, Michael Strahan, Bradley Cooper and Shelton, among others.

The country star's inclusion on the list will give last year's Sexiest Man Adam Levine some ammo. After Shelton gave him such a hard time for being so irresistible, Levine likely won't let him live it down next time they're in the big red chairs on 'The Voice.'

"After all the jokes he made to 2013's Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine, it seems fitting that Shelton, 38, has a spot on this year's A-list, so his 'Voice' pal can get back at him. (We'll be watching.)," the magazine writes alongside the photo of Shelton.

We bet Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert, is more than thrilled to be wed to one of the hottest men on the planet. Maybe next year Shelton will earn the cover spot!

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