Phil Vassar had a pretty good idea for the video for his new song 'Let's Get Together.' Bring a bunch of pretty girls to his house, turn the music up and let the cameras roll. Hey, wait a second here!

It's likely one can only get away with that kind of thing if you happen to have a hooky, fun summertime song in need of a music video. Vassar has just that, and that is indeed his Nashville-area home being used as the set for the song, the first from his still untitled album due out later this year. Hot-tubs, barbecue, late-night guitar picking and a big ol' swimming pool ... The furniture certainly matches the wallpaper during this party video.

"So come on over, everybody's hanging out at my house / Stars are out, campfire's burning and the music's loud / Best time ever, always perfect weather to / Come on over baby, let's get-get-get together / Let's get together," Vassar sings during the feel-good track.

Vassar's videos are known to to include a good helping of corny, and the 'Let's Get Together' video doesn't disappoint. It's cute to have the bikini-bottomed girls on chaise lounges synchronize their flips to even out their suntans. It's laugh-out-loud funny when three chubby men take their spots. No matter how sick of summer you've become, Vassar's video will have you digging for the swimsuit one more time.

Watch Phil Vassar's 'Let's Get Together' Video