Phil Vassar's knack for finding irresistible hooks is as sharp today as it was in the early '00s when hits like 'Just Another Day in Paradise' and 'American Child' were everywhere. His new song 'Love Is Alive' finds the singer returning to a familiar formula for success.

The acoustic guitar and banjo-driven, uptempo, pop-country track tells one man's story of wanting to get back to his true love. Along the way, it tells their story together.

"Your mama likes me, your daddy does too / He likes this cross on my tattoo / Reminds him of when he was younger / Starving girl with this hunger," Vassar sings to begin the second verse of 'Love Is Alive.' One expects heavy piano on any song from the Virginian, but the instrument is only a supporting player on this cut.

Lyrically there are some very endearing moments. "Feel your hair across my skin / It takes me somewhere I've never been / Girl I love you, you love me / Carved it on the willow tree," he sings before the first chorus. It's those kind of lines that will stick with fans and country listeners new to his catalog. The chorus finds him working a scale like he did on the hook of 'Love Is a Beautiful Thing.'

"Love, love is alive tonight / Love is alive / Love is alive tonight," he sings. No, it's not much on a computer screen, but the movement within each word makes it dynamic.

Vassar writes great love songs, and played back to back one could argue there isn't much difference between any two of them. However he's only notched a true hit every three to five years recently, so every offering -- including 'Love Is Alive' -- comes fresh with a long shelf life.

3.5 Stars


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