Chely Wright is one of many Americans celebrating a federal court's ruling that the California state ban on same-sex marriage, Prop 8 -- also known as Proposition 8 -- is unconstitutional. "I am a gay American and it's my Constitution too. #NOH8," Wright tweeted, soon after the news broke.

The openly gay country singer turned equal rights advocate has been taking the issue head on. Prior to the 2-to-1 decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Wright was reinforcing her message. "People ask me why I continue to talk and talk about the "gay thing"- this is why," she tweeted, pointing to a CBS Atlanta article about a gang beating up a man they believed to be gay.

The court's ruling upholds a 2010 ruling by a lower court that Prop 8 was a violation of civil rights. Gay marriage can't resume in the state, however, until sponsors of the proposition have a chance to appeal to a larger panel. The battle seems destined to wind up in front of the Supreme Court.

"BREAKING NEWS! Proposition H8 ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!! #NOH8WorldWide #Prop8," Wright retweeted. It was a message from the NOH8 campaign against the ban.

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