Second generation songwriter Randy Montana brings his down-home country music to the streets of the big city in the video for his current hit single, '1,000 Faces.' The song is the title track to Montana's brand new EP, which became available on digital outlets this week.

The video kicks off as a less violent version of the Verve's classic 'Bittersweet Symphony' clip, with Montana managing to stroll down a city street without bumping into a single fellow pedestrian.

Eventually he does violate some traffic rules, though, setting up a full-band concert right in the middle of an intersection, forcing cars and cabs to drive around as he and his bandmates sing about all the pretty girls that are walking by.

There might literally be a thousand beautiful women in the video, so how's our hero to pick just one? Luckily, just as he's about to enter a restaurant, fate intervenes, and he locks eyes with that special one. They smile and walk in together. Will it last forever? Did he make the right choice? Watch and decide for yourself.

Watch the Randy Montana '1,000 Faces' Video

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