Newcomer Randy Montana's latest Top 40 hit, '1,000 Faces,' is a tune he co-wrote along with hit tunesmith Tom Douglas. The song is the second release from Montana's forthcoming self-titled debut album, which is set to hit stores on July 26.

"We were writing over at Tom's house," Montana tells Taste of Country of the day '1,000 Faces' was penned. "I came in that day, and Tom had that idea of 'love has a thousand faces.' The 'but I see you' [part] kind of came about during the writing process. I remember he wrote it on the piano and it was cool in that the song is really a list if you listen to it. It's a list of all the different types of girls there are out there."

"There’s debutantes, drama queens, glued-to bride magazine / Half caff, two pump, no whip in the coffee bean / Love has a thousand faces, love has a thousand faces / But I see you, before I ever knew you, before I ever knew you / I dreamed of you, I dreamed of you," Montana sings in the song.

"We wrote it from a guy's point of view about all the different kinds of girls there are, and then you narrow it down to the one person that you have chosen to be with," explains Montana. "It was cool because we had the thought, and Tom just kind of blurted out: 'Brunettes, blonde girls, blue jeans, string of pearls,' and then it just kinda became a list. We got on the computer and started making a list."

"There’s brunettes, blonde girls, blue jeans, string of pearls / Take you on a trip around the world girls / Love has a thousand faces, love has a thousand faces," they wrote in lyrics of the song's opening lines.

"That was one of those songs," notes Montana. "It doesn't happen very often, but it happened very quickly ... faster than normal. So you wrap up a song like that and you haven't had time to think, 'Is this good or not?' [laughs]. It happens so fast that it's just kind of there, and wham! Those are the magical days that don't happen very often. You wish they would kind of fall out of the sky all the time like that, but they don't, unfortunately ! But I felt like that one did. It was a cool day."

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