Randy Montana does his songwriting dad proud with his new single '1000 Faces,' the second track released from his forthcoming debut album. The young singer, whose father Billy Montana wrote hits for artists such as Garth Brooks, had his own first single, 'Ain't Much Left of Lovin' You,' reach the charts earlier this year.

Over a spare guitar and mandolin opening, Montana starts listing all the different kinds of girls that inhabit this wonderful world of ours. His excitement starts building up, as does his backing band, when he starts talking about that one special girl he dreamed of before they even met:

"There's debutante drama queens glued to 'Bride' magazine / Half-caff two-pump no whip in the coffee bean/ Love has a thousand faces / But I see you before I ever knew you / Before I ever knew you / I dreamed of you."

Pretty soon we're in a full-on tempest of thundering drums, passionate vocalizing and all sorts of declarations of devotion. A nice piano-led verse offers one more calm moment before things crank back up again at the end.

Montana's been kicking up quite a storm opening for Little Big Town and Sugarland, and fans can expect him back on the road soon in support of his first album, which, in a recurring theme for our stories this week, has neither a title nor a release date -- yet.

Listen to Randy Montana, '1000 Faces'

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