Reba McEntire has earned another nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year in the 2017 CMA Awards, and the country icon clearly deserves to win.

Reba is one of those one-name stars who needs no real introduction. If you've been even vaguely aware of country music or even television over the last few decades, you already know all about McEntire's long and varied career, which includes 32 No. 1 hits -- the most in history for a female country singer.

McEntire has won Female Vocalist of the Year four times and been nominated many, many more. Her nomination in the category again in 2017 is her first since 2010, and it signifies her staying power on both a commercial and artistic level. But that's only one reason she deserves to win Female Vocalist of the Year at the CMA Awards in 2017.

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    Her Sincere Passion

    You certainly can't accuse Reba McEntire of being inauthentic. She's long been one of country music's most passionate singers, delivering every song she sings like she's singing pages from her own diary no matter the subject. That's especially true of her most recent album, a gospel project. She imbues these songs of faith with a sincerity that no other singer in country music can match.

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    Her Longevity

    McEntire has won Female Vocalist four times, beginning in 1984, when two of her current competitors were children and two more had not been born. Her current nomination is her 17th for the category, which is a testament not only to the strength of her work on Sing It Now: Songs of Faith & Hope, but across her entire career.

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    She's Synonymous With Female Country Vocalists

    Ask anyone you meet at random on the street to name the top female country singers of all time, and chances are McEntire will be one of the very first singers they list. She's given so many great performances over such a long period of time that it's fair to argue, pretty much any year McEntire releases a qualifying piece of work is a year in which she deserves to win Female Vocalist of the Year.

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    This Is Probably One of Her Last Shots

    It's unusual for an artist as far as their career as McEntire to see a nomination in such a big category. This may very well be one of McEntire's last times to get nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, and it sure would be nice to see her go home with a big win.

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    She's Reba Freakin' McEntire, That's Why

    Reba McEntire doesn't need us or anyone else to defend or explain why she deserves to win Female Vocalist of the Year in the 2017 CMA Awards. Instead, we'll pose this question: Can you think of any rational argument why she shouldn't?

    Nope .. .didn't think so.

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