Reba McEntire is now managing her own career. After 25 years with Narvel Blackstock, the pair have split professionally in addition to personally. McEntire and Blackstock divorced in 2015.

The singer revealed that she was now president of Reba’s Business Incorporated (RBI), and had retained some of her longtime team members. Music Row reports that the move came after a brainstorming “powwow.” “I thought it was a good time now to break free from management,” she said during Tuesday’s Change the Conversation event at the Bluebird in Nashville.

At the time of their divorce, McEntire said she and her ex-husband would continue to work together. Reba’s Business Incorporated is managed out of the same office space that Blackstock’s Starstruck Entertainment was. It’s not clear if Blackstock is moving his operations elsewhere, but he’ll continue to manage the careers of singers like Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.

McEntire’s label Nash Icon was supportive of her professional split from Blackstock. “… They were so excited because we were willing to do things that we hadn’t got to do before,” she said on Tuesday, adding that she also told Nash Icon that, “‘If there was something they asked for in the past, [let’s] bring it up again.’”

The Change the Conversation show was a chance for the country veteran to give advice to young singers like #LetTheGirlsPlay artists Kalie Shorr, Allison Veltz and Alana Springsteen. Artists like Cassadee Pope were also in attendance. McEntire’s conversation was moderated by music journalist Beverly Keel.

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