Reba McEntire didn't want her divorce, but she's sure making the best of life as a newly single woman.

The country superstar and her husband and manager, Narvel Blackstock, split last August after 26 years of marriage, shocking fans who had viewed their relationship as one of the strongest in country music. McEntire herself was hoping to save the marriage.

“The divorce was not my idea,” she admits. “I didn’t want it in any shape, form or fashion.”

McEntire has also taken over managing her own career.“I was pretty much forced to do it,” she tells the Contributor. “It wasn’t my choice to take over my career as manager. I didn’t see it coming, but you know, that’s life.”

But despite the personal turbulence of the last year, the feisty singer says she is enjoying her personal and professional lives.

"I'm having a great time traveling and working," she tells People. "I've got a great team of people that I'm working with, who are coming up with new ideas for me to do things that I haven't done in the past. I'm having a wonderful time with Brooks & Dunn, with our residency in Las Vegas at Caesar's Coliseum."

"It's just a lot of great things that I'm getting to do that I'm looking forward to," she adds. "Hanging out with my friends and my family, just enjoying life. I'm having a blast."

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