Reba McEntire is taking over Taste of Country to mark the release of her latest album, Love Somebody, and she's giving our readers a look into the creative process for one of the new songs, "That's When I Knew."

The country icon calls the track "an uplifting song."

Says McEntire, "It stars out very sad, because it's about a man and a woman, two people busting up, and I don't think the woman in this story was too happy about that."

The protagonist of the song realizes she's finally left the past behind when she goes out on a date with another man: “He made me laugh / We danced all night / And I didn’t see your face when I was lookin’ in his eyes / That’s when I knew, I was over you."

In the exclusive clip above, McEntire works on the song in the song in the studio with her co-producer and some of Nashville's top musicians, giving fans a glimpse into all of the meticulous work that goes into finally getting that one seamless track that's good enough to make it onto a major label album.

The song was written by Jim Collins and Ashley Gorley and features a very traditional arrangement that leans heavily on fiddle and pedal steel. But Love Somebody is a very diverse collection that McEntire says is "all over the map" stylistically, with a balance of uptempo contemporary material, as well as more traditional fare. The project is McEntire's first under the auspices of a new deal with Nash Icon. It is currently available here.

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