It was a slow start for Reba McEntire, but no one is blaming the track jacket. She released multiple albums on Mercury Records in the beginning of her career, but failed to work her way into the fabric of the country music fans' hearts until 1982 -- six years after she debuted. 'Can't Even Get the Blues' became her first No. 1 hit, and she'd gone through three hairstyles by then!

We joke about McEntire's famous red hair only because she does. At various points along the way, it's lead the way to Jesus or been cut very close to her head. The color has gone from strawberry blonde to Strawberry Shortcake. The 50-something has always been classy and elegant, even if a look back 25 or 30 years makes us laugh now. The photo seen above was taken in 1976, back when they called it "country-western" music instead of just country. Rumor has it McEntire was originally listed as an Urban Cowboy artist.

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