You’ll struggle to find a more musical song on the radio than Reba McEntire’s new single, “Until They Don't Love You.” The singer’s story takes a backseat to all that’s going on between verse, chorus and bridge. It’s an all-out jam.

The arrangement doesn’t match the tone of her forlorn story of love walking out the front door. It takes a few listens for one to go, “Wait a second, she’s crying!”

“Ain't one the loneliest number / It takes two to make it right / Just three little words I shoulda told ya / Before you left last night,” she sings before the first round of “Sometimes you don't love somebody until they don't love you.”

The rhythm section is as tight as a pack of cigarettes, and they’re featured prominently. When was the last time you heard a bass solo on the radio? Guitars, piano and a chorus of told-you-so angels support McEntire, arguably overshadowing her on this song from Love Somebody.

“Don't pay attention to your heart until it's bleeding / Don't know what you have until you can't keep it / Don't know what you want till you need it / Don't know that it's love until it's leavin’.”

Artists talk about capturing their live sound on a record, but few realize that goal. McEntire does on “Until They Don’t Love You,” a moody response to the inspiring “Going Out Like That.”

Why Fans Will Love It: “Until They Don’t Love You” is an all-out jam that turns the bucket seats of any car or truck into the front row of McEntire’s concert.

Key Lyrics: “Oh you're lookin' so good with your bags packed / On the front steps waitin' on a yellow cab / And my heart keeps screaming 'come back, come back, come back.’”

Did You Know?: During the first leg of McEntire's Las Vegas residency, "Going Out Like That" was the only new song performed. It will be interesting to see if she sings this instead come December.

Listen to Reba McEntire, “Until They Don’t Love You”

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