Reba McEntire’s Wikipedia page is enormous. The singer and actress has 27 studio albums, several movies, a Broadway musical and more personal ups and downs than a woman twice her age. A lot of what’s there, it turns out, isn’t totally true. Thankfully, McEntire was able to straighten things out.

Beginning with her childhood in Chockie, Okla., and ending with the release of Love Somebody, her recent studio album, McEntire sifted through facts and … non-facts. Wikipedia reports she grew up on a 7,000-acre farm. That’s not true. Nor is it true that Janie Fricke sang backup on her early albums.

The reason she turned down a role in the movie Titanic is misunderstood, as are reports of various men wearing the dress that made big headlines during the CMA Awards 20-plus years ago. Along the way McEntire tells stories of her childhood and early career, digging into moments from college and beyond. All in all, her Wiki page isn't too inaccurate, but there were some glaring errors.

Hearing her set us straight was worth sifting through the hundreds of lines of text from her 40-year career. Watch now, then subscribe to the Taste of Country YouTube channel to stay up to date on the hottest country music news.

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