The year was 2006. "Push-to-Talk" technology was hot and Taylor Ware was the biggest thing on MySpace. The 11-year-old yodeler stole America's country heart during the first season of 'America's Got Talent' (back when Dave Hasslehoff was begging judges not to "Hassle the Hoff") and came within a few votes of making her talent the next big thing in country music.

OK, it's unlikely yodeling would have caught on at a time when Taylor Swift was making her break. But Ware did attend the CMA Awards that November and then recorded at least two albums in the years following. Since 2009 she's been quiet. Her website is little more than a place holder for exciting events to come, perhaps after the cute brunette -- now 17-years-old -- finishes high school.

Watch her video below before moving on to the next Remember When.

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