You certainly can't accuse the Song Suffragettes of a lack of musical diversity. Five #LetTheGirlsPlay artists celebrated Halloween at a recent performance in Nashville, branching out for a cover of Rihanna's "Disturbia."

Kalie Shorr and Lena Stone are two of the mainstays of the Suffragettes, and they're joined by Jordyn Stoddard, Nora Collins and Alexis Gomez for the performance in the clip above, which puts an acoustic spin on the song, replacing the pulsating electronic beat of the original recording.

As she often does, Shorr begins the song on acoustic guitar after the group introduce the piece with a capella harmonies. She uses muted chords to convey the underlying beat in a surprisingly effective rendition of a song you wouldn't necessarily expect to come off well in this setting, handing off the vocal to Collins, who then passes to Stone for the chorus.

Stoddard and Gomez get featured turns at the mic, too, as the song winds its way through an arrangement the audience at the Listening Room in Nashville probably were not anticipating before ending just as it began, with group a capella vocals.

The LTGP movement launched in response to the unique struggles women face in country music, and Taste of Country has always been a strong supporter. Look for a feature artist once a month, and regular covers and additional content.

Watch the Song Suffragettes Cover Adele