my beautiful brave bride.

Posted by Joey and Rory on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Country duo Joey + Rory Feek have been open with fans about their journey since they shared the news that Joey’s cervical cancer had returned, and Rory recently shared a heart-wrenching photo of Joey sitting in a doctor’s office in a gown, presumably waiting to undergo radiation therapy.

The couple have already been down this difficult road a year ago, when Rory had surgery to remove a tumor.

Rory has updated the couple’s blog since the news, keeping fans, friends and family in the know and showing his undying support for his wife and their 1-year-old girl Indiana, who has Down Syndrome.

"The doctors say there is a 9 cm tumor in Joey’s sigmoid colon,” he writes. "Even though the cancer is now in the colon, they said it’s the same cells as before...and that the original cancer has now spread to a new organ and the tumor and cells are rapidly growing, so that is the big concern."

But the couple remain optimistic, and Rory has been overflowing with admiration for his bride.

“My wife is in her garden, the baby on a blanket near her. She’s weeding her squash, and broccoli and kale, and the cucumbers that have just poked their heads up out of the soil. But she’s not just tending to her vegetables — she’s tending to her soul,” Rory wrote. "There are many things that are very important to my wife, and those things never change, they never waver. Not through good times or bad times, not through tears or joy. She knows what the good stuff in life is and she reaches for it and pushes away the things that don’t matter. She’s always been this way…. It’s just part of her…"

The duo posted a photo on Facebook on Friday (June 26) in front of Joey’s treatment center with the caption “Hope is a beautiful thing,” proof that the two are standing strong in the face of the difficult road ahead.

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