Samantha Novacek and Patricia Bell both scored golden tickets to Hollywood on Thursday night's episode of 'American Idol,' but only one of them sang a song. Bell, who says people know her as 'Patty the Pittsburgh Planker,' laid on her belly in a yoga pose (known as planking) as her 19-year-old sister belted out Faith Hill's 'Like We Never Loved at All.'

"She sings better when I plank," the 23-year-old told viewers before both women entered the audition room to face the judges. Steven Tyler seemed more than unamused by the good luck gimmick, but came around once Novacek began to sing. Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez agreed that the server from Sutersville, Penn. had what it takes to move on.

"I felt like there was some guts behind the voice," Lopez said.

"Very pure kind of sound that you got going on. Reminds me of Faith Hill, a little Carpenter-ish," added Jackson. Both women came running out of the audition room with golden tickets, meaning both are going to Hollywood. It will be interesting to see how other contestants take to the Pittsburgh Planker lying at their feet while they fight for a spot in the Top 12.

"I'm just planking her to Hollywood," Bell said. She can check that off the bucket list.

Watch Samantha Novacek Sing Faith Hill's 'Like We Never Loved at All' With Patty the Planker