Congratulations to singer-songwriter Sarah Buxton and her husband Tom Bukovac who revealed to Taste of Country that they are expecting a little bundle of joy in early December.

"Thank God that He gives us nine months to prepare, because if it was any less than that, we would all go insane!" Buxton told Taste of Country, just a few months into her pregnancy. "Sometimes it’s like, ‘Let’s get this thing going!’ You really want the baby bump to show up, and you’re ready for everybody to see it ... but there’s a lot of emotional things that have to happen before each little stage."

Luckily for Buxton she had two solid examples of good parenting. "I hope that I’m able to be half of the parent that my parents were to me," she praises. "They wanted me, and I always felt that … loved and wanted. I’m not a perfect person, and they weren’t perfect parents, but they gave me some worth. That was the building blocks to everything, knowing that you’re worth something and that you can go for something. That’s going to be my main thing. They were always interested in what I was doing."

Buxton and Bukovac wed in 2010 in a private ceremony in Nashville. During that time, Buxton had an artist deal on Lyric Street Records resulting in the release of her self-titled debut album, which spawned the Top 30 hit 'Outside My Window.' In the recent years, Buxton's become well known for her songwriting successes, penning hits for Keith Urban ('Stupid Boy,' 'Put You In a Song') and the current Big and Rich song, 'That's Why I Pray.' Her husband, Bukovac, is a well-known and sought after session musician in Nashville who has worked on projects with artists like Martina McBride and Jimmy Wayne.

Buxton and Bukovac felt the time was finally right in their lives and careers to bring a baby into the world. The proud parents-to-be will not find out the gender of their baby until he or she arrives on Dec. 1. "I knew that I needed to make room in my life," she explains, adding that songwriting is what has taken on the biggest part of her life these days. "I knew that touring wasn’t going to be something that I was personally going to be able to do and be the kind of mom I want to be. So I chose to go with songwriting, which was already something that I loved to do anyway.

"This is such a gift," she continues of her pregnancy. "I feel really honored to be able to have a chance to do this because I know a lot of my friends want to get pregnant, but haven’t been able to. That’s a gift in itself. There are just a lot of exciting things happening right now."

Congratulations to the expectant parents ... something tells me this will be one musically talented little boy or girl!

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