After Sarah Buxton's former record label, Lyric Street Records, shut its doors, the singer-songwriter found herself without a label home. She continued on with life as a songwriter, eventually teaming up with fellow singer-songwriter Jedd Hughes, forming the duo Buxton Hughes.

But in recent months, Buxton and Hughes have stepped away from the spotlight and have been focusing on their successful songwriting careers, most recently scoring the Top 5 hit 'Put You in a Song,' which was co-written with and recorded by Keith Urban.

"I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Jedd and I are not exactly in the box of what it’s taking to get that big record out … that freshman smash," Buxton tells Taste of Country with a smile. "It’s hilarious once you let it go. We’re just now coming out of the fog, going, 'Oh my God, we don’t have a record deal and we’re not going to be a duo and what are we going to do with our lives?' Now we’re finally starting to go, 'Oh, that’s OK. We’re still going to be writing.'"

Buxton says she would like to eventually head back into the studio and work on new music, but under her own direction with her calling the shots, making the music she wants to make. Until then, Buxton, who will always consider herself an artist, is content with her new role in country music as a passionate songwriter.

"You find when you’re writing -- I noticed when I was a signed country recording artist -- I always had fun writing," she says. "I always felt I could write whatever I wanted to write. I thought it was great. It was when I started getting into the studio -- or even before I would get into the studio -- it was always the discussion about, 'Why this one? Why that one?' It never had anything to do with, 'Well it just sounds good.' That was never the go-to solution. It made me frantic. I cannot do that anymore. I’m happy to write with other people, and if something happens with it that would be great. Jedd and I would love it if one of our songs made it into a movie with us singing on it, but as far as us going out and try to market ourselves as a duo again, we’re like, 'Nah-uh.'"

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