Sarah Darling's new single 'Little Umbrellas' is fun, flirty and a brand new way to describe drinking away the blues. The singer's airy, pop-fused delivery is a perfect match for the story she tells. It's a fun song and she has fun telling it. You can hear her smiling.

The new tune is about a girl's getaway after one goes through a breakup. The focus isn't so much on the guy she left behind as it is about the cutie serving her drinks. The song -- like this blooming romance -- isn't likely to last long, but a daiquiri-sweet chorus will hold even the most distracted fan's attention for a few moments.

"Killing little umbrellas / Watching his memory fade / A little change in the weather / Sailing on the wind and waves / It makes you feel better / Drinking up the tropical sun / Soaking up the coconut rum / Killing little umbrellas," Darling sings. The title -- for those not of drinking age -- refers to the tiny umbrellas that often adorn sweet, poolside drinks. It's a clunky way to sing about downing Mai Tais, and likely not the fruity answer to "holler and swaller."

"Uh-oh he broke your heart / Girl what you gonna do / Have a pity party in the dark / Well I've got a better idea for you / Buy a ticket on a south bound plane / An old island remedy / Go a little crazy, not insane / By tomorrow morning you could be ..." she starts to open the three-minute and some change mid-tempo cut.

By the end, Darling's sweetness may cause a bellyache. The bridge -- "Hey hey cabana boy, whatcha doing later on tonight? / Hey hey cabana boy / Betcha look good in the moonlight" -- pushes the track into guilty pleasure territory. Let's just say there won't be too many country boys bumpin' down the dirt roads with the windows wide open singing 'Little Umbrellas.'

2.5 Stars

Listen to Sarah Darling, 'Little Umbrellas'

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