Nashville newcomer Sarah Darling just released her 'Little Umbrellas' music video, and it's the perfect girl power summer anthem -- especially for any gal who's recently had her heart broken and wants to get over her ex with a little harmless fun.

Just as our exclusive preview showed, there are a whole lot of bikinis, margaritas and poolside adventures in Darling's music video, which urges girls crying over their exes to forgo the pity parties and buy a ticket down south for a cure full of sunshine and drinks. As the lyrics state, "Vegas ain't the only place where you / can get into something that you can't tell no one."

The video begins with the songstress and a few of her friends jumping out of a Jeep and heading to a pool clad in their brightest swimsuits, ready to let loose and soak up the rays.

However, it seems Darling has her sunglasses-covered eyes on something else (or someone else) instead: the cabana boy. He's the perfect distraction, full of muscle and good looks, with a tray full of margaritas and a killer smile. All of the other girls think so too, putting in their best flirting skills to try and enamor the very eligible bachelor.

The 'Little Umbrellas' video never strays from its lighthearted, sassy focus, and it reaches an all-time flirty level when the margaritas tip over onto the cabana boy, requiring him to take off his shirt. It was an accident that the women certainly aren't crying over!

So, does Darling end up with the cabana boy, or will one of her other gorgeous friends scoop him up? You'll just have to watch to see -- and you'll probably get a few good laughs out of this fun video for the equally upbeat song.

It's a completely different direction than the whimsical 'Home to Me' video, and because of that, fans will see a whole new side of Darling -- and it's one worth seeing. It'll certainly make every woman want to rush to the airport and grab a ticket for a fun, flirty summer trip, full of umbrella drinks and dance parties with friends.