Seventeen-year-old Savannah Berry has played for millions of people, yet she's never headlined a concert stadium or even officially released a song of her own -- until now. The Houston, Texas singer and YouTube sensation is ready to make an impression on country music with her first single, 'Love Me Like You Mean It.' Taste of Country has your exclusive first look at the music video.

While Berry will inevitably be compared to other young singers like Taylor Swift, she's proven to have a bigger voice in clips of her singing songs like Miranda Lambert's 'Over You' and the Band Perry's 'If I Die Young.' on her official YouTube channel. 'Love Me Like You Mean It' is about the boyfriend who suddenly loses interest.

"You put me up next to some worthless trinkets on a shelf / You used to look at me like there was no one else," Berry sings before later adding, "Cause my head thinks you're leaving / But my heart just won't believe it / So love me like you mean it."

"'Love Me Like You Mean It' isn't so much about a specific guy," Berry explains to Taste of Country. "It's more about that point you come to in a relationship where you feel like maybe the other person may not have the same plans that you do. And you are basically asking them to show you if they feel the same way that you do."

Zac Maloy (who helped pen 'Temporary Home' for Carrie Underwood) lent a hand to Berry in writing the song, which will be featured on her debut EP, available for listen here. Berry says she came up with a melody, the first verse and the chorus, but Maloy helped give it character.

"He really helped me work on adding the 'furniture to the room,' as songwriters say, and that's so important if you want the listener to make a personal connection with your songs -- to hear things that they can relate to and personalize in the lyrics."

For more information on Berry, check her out on YouTube or visit her new website. On May 23 she'll be in Nashville doing a showcase for record labels at 12th & Porter. To date, Savannah's video uploads have more than three million views.

Watch Savannah Berry's 'Love Me Like You Mean It' Video