When Savannah Berry sits down to sing, people tend to listen very closely. Blake Shelton sure did, as did Sugarland. The singer and former contestant on 'The Voice' introduces a new ToC series called Savannah Sings with a performance of 'Bartender' by Lady Antebellum.

Berry performs with just an acoustic guitar accompaniment. The simple arrangement puts all the focus on her alluring voice, which is good news for fans and those discovering her for the first time. Her version holds true to the Lady A original, but there's no denying the individual inflections she adds to the 'Bartender' lyrics.

Berry started her career on YouTube, catching the eyes of thousands of fans and subscribers before Sugarland noticed and asked her to record a video duet of 'Stuck Like Glue.' That song ended up being a promo video for the ACM Awards. Berry has remained close to Kristian Bush, recording 'Silent Night With You' with him in 2013. Earlier this year, they recorded a song called 'I Should've Known' together.

Each week, the 19-year-old Texan will share a new song with fans on ToC. Find Berry on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel here.