The country world is abuzz with chatter about teenager Scott McCreery, who relied on Josh Turner's 'Your Man' in his first couple of rounds of 'American Idol' competition. This week, however, he had to step outside of his Turner comfort zone and attempt another song.

He chose Lee Ann Womack's 2000 hit, 'I Hope You Dance,' which he barely knew the lyrics to. McCreery stumbled and stalled through the tune on stage and gallantly attempted to improvise, but it was an admittedly poor showing.

"Right now, I deserve to get cut," McCreery acknowledged to the cameras in an incredibly self-aware fashion. "I am pissed off at myself … the only thing that can keep me in here is my deep voice."

Apparently, that deep voice was just enough, because he is going on to another round. We predict he will brush up on other country songs so he doesn't have a repeat performance of tonight.