When he sang Josh Turner's 'Long Black Train' for his 'Song of Your Life' segment on 'American Idol' tonight, judge Jennifer Lopez told country crooner Scott McCreery that he can "make a Bronx girl love country music," to which he responded, "My grandma said to tell you I'm one quarter Puerto Rican!" Oh Scotty, you are such a charmer!

Even though McCreery stumbled during Hollywood week, not knowing lyrics to a Lee Ann Womack song, he took the blame for not intervening during the Jacee Badeaux/Clint Jun Gamboa debacle, saying "I was not the man I should have been," which is a very astute statement for a 17-year-old boy to make -- proving he is very much on the cusp of manhood.

He is also on the cusp of 'Idol' fame, as he has advanced to the illustrious Top 24.

McCreery's fellow country singer John Wayne Schulz didn't make the cut, unfortunately. So country music's 'American Idol' hopes are pinned on the deep-voiced, old soul of Scott McCreery